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I am an Accademia Delle Arti Orafe graduate, class of 2011. After learning the basic techniques of jewelry, I took inspiration in modern forms and became interested in contemporary jewellery. After a long break and working in completely different fields, I finally returned to my passion and I create my personal brand in 2015, where I can devote myself daily to the construction of unique handmade jewellery, specializing completely by self-taught in the lost wax technique.


Inspired by nature and irregular forms, my jewellery are always looking for new surfaces and textures, often inspired by nature and human body, where broken lines and rough surfaces are the hallmark of my work.  All jewellery are made by me with lost wax technique. My studio is based in Rome, San Lorenzo neighbourhood.


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Photo by: Novakova | MUA by: Micol Bartolucci


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